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2005-02-25 Step by step shuttle mod tutorial: HTML
2005-02-25 The wikis are down because of spam bastards! I will figure something out when I feel less lazy.
2004-11-29 I bought an Apple iBook G4 with the recent price drop and bumped specs. Wireless, CD burner, all for 10,000 SEK. Good price if you ask me. Any way, put together this little page with configuration details if you want to run Linux on one of these. Had to chase down a lot of web pages to find solutions to all sorts of weird shit so I might as well write it down for another poor soul. To not fright you off, this little machine is a really nice Linux boxen once configured. ComputerWiki, click on LinuxOniBookG4.
2004-04-28 Updated the PAC Gimp plug-in to compile for Gimp 2.0. You can find it on the Unix page, look for PAC.
2003-11-22 Finally started up my PAW which I should have done at the beginning of the year, well better late than never. HTML
2003-10-07 Time files, just updated my article about how to best use the HP PhotoSmart S20 film scanner. I don't like the results from scanning 35mm film too much, otherwise I would probably buy myself a new scanner because this one sucks badly: HTML
2003-08-30 Oh my, I think I will go back to sleep again. I have done some updates but I'm to lazy to write about them here.
2003-04-22 New versions of Neo and Invaders on the Unix page.
2003-04-22 Finaly wrote that FM3a review.
2003-04-21 Some pictures from my trip to Iran.
2003-02-15 New versions of MovieDB and Tools on the Unix page.
2003-01-13 I have created my first image format, it's on the Unix page, look for PAC.
2002-11-17 Added an article about film scanner exposure.
2002-11-06 Running out of interesting things to shoot, anyway, here are some pictures from a combined film and lens test of mine. I'm thinking about an idea I found on the web, to shoot one frame a day, to bad it's so damn dark this time of year. Makes it kind of difficult on working days.
2002-09-22 Added some new pictures from different places. The last roll was perfectly developed thanks to mixing the developer with deionized water! My previous rolls have had the highlights overdeveloped although I shortened the time significantly from the manufacturers recommendations.
2002-08-08 Added some new pictures taken with my spanking new Nikon FM3a. Maybe I'll write a short sum-up of this great camera later.
2002-08-01 Added Shades of Blue OpenGL intro to Unix page.