Unix/ Linux

Most of these programs should work on Unix in general but some of them are specifically for Linux.


This is a space invaders game, actually the first and so far only game that I have completed. Originally it was written together with my NEO library which is a Linux frame-buffer helper library. It can be a bit of a pain to configure a machine properly with Linux frame-buffer support especially since only a handfull graphic cards are supported. Therefore I added support for the SDL library but it is kind of sloppy done so the animations are a bit jerky. With the NEO library it runs at one sync, that is one vertical retrace between animation steps, even on quite moderate hardware.
A text based juke box program. You configure which command line based programs you wish to use to play certain audio formats. This was my first completed Linux project of some size.
A graphical database front end for movie titles. To be used to ease loaning of movies from each other. I originally wrote this to be used at my work, it worked alright at the beginning but people are to lazy to update it now.
Linux frame-buffer helper library which also contains input and audio routines. Originally written for the Inavders game, have not used it to much else except for a couple of one screeners (demo effects).
C++ utility classes, database, string, vector, hash map etc. Originally written for MovieDB, oh why do I complicate things so (smile).

Small Utilities

Atari Font
Creates a TARGA image file from the text specified as the first argument on the command line using the standard Atari ST system font.
Binary to C, convert arbitary data to a C array which can be compiled into a program.
A fairly fast 8 bit chunky pixel to Atari interlieved bitplanes routine written in m68k asm and c. This is for m68k Linux. Note that this routine uses a 64k table which I don't think the 68030 MMU likes. If running without MMU, it should be about as fast as it can get.
Msa Tools
Program and shell scripts for writing Atari ST MSA files to floppy disks.
A file format for compressing photo realistic grey scale and rgb images in a lossless fashion. The main feature is relatively fast encoding so that it can be used while working with large images. PNG images are in most cases smaller but takes much longer to compress. A gimp 1.2.x plugin for loading and saving PAC images as well as command line tools for the same are included.
Program to kill all processes of the specified user. I later learned that you kan do the same with 'su user -c kill -1 -9' but I leave it here anyway.

Demo/ Intro Section

vt100 assembler intro for ARM v4 and i386 hardware running Linux. An acid character that is X-axis distorted, run from xterm. The program is less than 256 bytes on i386.
vt100 assembler intro for sparc hardware running NetBSD or Solaris. It's a small EHPT logo that rains down, run from xterm.
Shades of Blue
A one screen intro written for the summer IMP15 party in Grangesberg, Sweden. Kind of retro looking which is intentional.