Some of my favourite links.

Computer Games

Crimson Fields
Turn based strategy game, had fun with it for two days. Really good quality for a free-ware game. The computer player is a bit stupid and there could be some more maps. Otherwise it's perfect.

Computer Related

XFCE Desktop Environment
This is a really nice alternative to Gnome and KDE. Less bloat warning, it's small, fast and with reasonable default behaviours. I did not have to do many configuration changes to feel comfortable in this environment.
Gimp, GNU Image Manipulation Program
The only paint program for Linux?
LyX, The Document Processor
This must be the best word processor ever created.
FOX, GUI Toolkit
Really nice C++ cross-platform GUI toolkit.
Probably the only way to code kick-as graphics for Linux.
NVidia, OpenGL Drivers For Linux
Hardware accelerated OpenGL.
SDL, Simple DirectMedia Layer
The library for creating games for Linux.


Don't like the current CD prices? Do something about it!

Interesting People

Matthias Wandel's Home page
This guy builds really insane machines. Lots of fun!


The nerd site! A cup of coffee and the slash hole. Just don't read the user posts and you'll be fine.

Photo Sites

Black & White Film Processing
First time, read this.
Dan Heller Photography
Great stuff! There are a lot of great photographer sites, this is just one.
Ken Rockwell
Some useful tests and information about photo.
Dante Stella
Witty guy with some cool information about obscure photo gear.