The Art of Programming

I'm kind of a computer nerd. My first computer was a Commodore 64, like everyone else I played mostly games on it but was rather fascinated by the BASIC listings in various computer magazines and frequently typed them in on the computer. That was basicly it with regards to programming.

When I got my next computer, an Atari 520STfm I started to learn a bit more. First I played around with GFA basic for a while but it wasn't until I went to a MC68000 assembler course at the local computer club that I was hooked, this was really something.

I like things that go fast and I'm in total control over so my computer languages of choice are: All sorts of assembler, C and finally I've started to do some C++ as my job requires it.


I still have some Atari code lying around, perhaps it is mostly of historic interest now-days but anyways.

Unix/ Linux

The OS of today is Linux so my new creations are mostly targeted for this platform.


A step by step shuttle mod tutorial to bring the noise level down: HTML


Created this little wiki for hit and run stuff: ComputerWiki

See this page for recent changes: RecentChanges