Emacs Org mode CSS for HTML export

I’ve started to use Emacs Org mode more and more. Increasingly I find myself using it for writing short documents, reports or long emails in addition to keeping track of tasks. It’s really grown on me.

As I’ve started to use it more for document writing I took the time to tune the CSS for HTML export to my liking. The Org files themselves are not very readable due to the heavy markup use. In Emacs this is less of a problem as it offers a sort of visual mode that makes it more readable. Most colleagues are not Emacs users so they need to be given something else and I find a HTML file the most practical. Either attached to a mail or copied from a web browser into a HTML aware mail client (which then keeps most of the formatting).

At the same time I updated the CSS of this website to match. The Emacs Org mode CSS can be found at https://github.com/johan-bolmsjo/org_css.

Published: 2022-03-06