How to Tether iPhone with Windows 10 over USB

A post born out of frustration.

As you may know it’s possible to tether an iPhone via USB so that it acts as an USB network adapter. I thought I’d try this mode to reduce latency somewhat by eliminating the Wi-Fi. The first time the iPhone was connected some drivers where automatically installed as usual. I sort of expected it to work out of the box as USB networking seems to be a basic function. It does not! Windows installed some Apple USB driver but it does not provide networking support.

So how do you do it?

Quick Way

Install iTunes.

But I Don’t Trust iTunes!

Despair not, there is a way!

Still download iTunes but do not install it. Instead download and install 7-zip. The iTunes installer is in some kind of archive format although it’s an EXE file. Like a Babushka doll it contains smaller installation packages for specific parts. 7-zip has the capability to extract the goodies hidden inside.

Extract the following files from the iTunes installer using 7-zip and install them in the listed order (by clicking on them):


Happy networking!

Published: 2020-05-06