The Ballad of Pandoc

I write most short documentation in Markdown as do many others. This blog is written in Markdown for example. There is often a need to convert Markdown to something else, be it HTML or PDF. For this purpose Pandoc is supreme and I have used it for a long time.

When working on a software project I prefer to document parts of it in Markdown and version it together with the source code instead of lets say writing something on a Wiki where it will be forgotten and rot. However when working with others the choice of methodology is not always up to you. Some time ago I was faced with the problem of adding information to a Wiki using the DokuWiki syntax. Where Markdown is mostly right and gets out of your way, DokuWiki is mostly wrong (its section markup is just terrible). Once again Pandoc came to the rescue by being able to convert already written documentation in Markdown to DokuWiki syntax.

The magic line reads as

pandoc -t dokuwiki > document.dokuwiki

Long live Pandoc!

Published: 2019-12-26