PG110B Film Developer

Supposedly soft working phenidone, vitamin C developer yielding nice mid tones akin to D-23 by Jay DeFehr.


Chemical Amount
Propylene glycol 50 ml
Borax 30 g
Ascorbic acid 10 g
Phenidone 1 g
Propylene glycol to 100 ml

Mix chemicals in the listed order. Add the borax to the room temperature glycol. Heat in a water bath and stir until it's all dissolved Repeat with the other ingredients. Keep stirring until everything is completely dissolved. Top up with glycol to 100 ml and allow to cool before transferring to a small glass flask.


Dilute the concentrate 1+100 with tempered water to make a working solution. Use D-76 stock times as a starting point for personal testing.


The concentrate should have good keeping properties as the developing agents are mixed in propylene glycol which should should slow oxidation.

The original recipe source suggests heating the propylene glycol in a micro wave oven. This may be needed to dissolve the borax but please note that the boiling point of propylene glycol is 188.2 °C and it's sticky! Everything but the phenidone is non-toxic!

Date: 2022-11-21