FX-55 Film Developer

Geoffrey Crawley's FX-55 film developer. A general purpose fine grain film developer with great sharpness.


This film developer is a bit special in that a concentrate of alkalies is prepared that keeps a long time. The working solution is mixed from this concentrate together with a few dry chemicals with worse keeping properties. The working solution keeps for 36 hours.

Mix chemicals in the listed order.

Part A (concentrate)

Chemical Amount
Distilled water 750 ml
Potassium carbonate 20 g
Sodium bicarbonate 1.5 g
Sodium sulfite (anhydrous) 25 g
Sodium metabisulfite 12 g
Distilled water to make 1000 ml

Part B (dry chemicals)

Chemical Amount
Sodium L-ascorbate 1.3 g
Phenidone1 0.1 g


Dilute part A 1+9 with water to make 1000 ml then add Part B. Starting development times:

Film EI Time
Fuji Acros 80 8:00
Ilford FP4+ 160 7:00



Measuring small quantities of phenidone, see Phenidone Solution

Date: 2022-11-20